First time in roller skates was embarrassing but I enjoyed every single moment of it because the energy of the people from RollDXB is beyond positive. Thank you for that.
Hasan El Sayed
RollDXB has a strong connection within their community and other like them.  RollDXB is friendly, open to help the community and teach new skills. This hobby can turn into a profession for some newbies, it’s not hard to get hooked on wheels.  The roll/skate sessions are well rounded with everyone rolling deep on 4 to 8 wheels. I have met some amazing people here. This is one community focuses on motivation and I am blessed to be a part of It. RollDXB is steadily growing locally and reaching out internationally. -everybody get your roll on-
Adam Abdul Hakeem
As a concept, Roll DXB is a breath of fresh air in Dubai. As an actual organisation, they are fun, inspiring, and motivating. The team is extremely friendly and makes everyone feel welcome. Even people who have never been on skates will feel like the’re part of the family, while joining in on the fun.